Awareness and demand for sustainable design and construction are rising in Israel in the last few years. Until recently, there was no opportunity for professional and clients to engage with new materials and technological innovations in this field.

SID Centre, a new initiative in the local professional landscape, was developed to provide these opportunities and respond to the growing interest in contemporary sustainable design.

SID Centre

The centre is active since January 2015, aiming to deliver simple, clear information on ‘Sustainable & Innovative Design’ for the building sector. The centre offers:

  • Display of innovative technologies in real-life & hands-on demonstrations;
  • Training for construction/design professionals, embedding principles and practices of ‘Intelligent Architecture’ for healthy, comfortable and efficient environments;
  • A meeting place for building professional consultants and clients.

Since its opening, the centre hosted hundreds of visitors and trainees from various professional disciplines and backgrounds.

A brief presentation, expanding on SID Centre’s leading concepts and design -

SID Initiative